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Plastic Bottle Throwing Incident at North London Quarter Final

Tottenham Hotspur footballer Delle Alli was the victim of a bottle-throwing incident at the Emirates Stadium last night as his side eliminated Arsenal from the Carabao Cup. The incident was clearly visible on TV and is another example of the difficulties facing our colleagues both in terms of the sales drivers within our stadia and the detection of the culprit.

While the bottle may have been plastic, we all know that there are still dangers with this type of missile. If it is full or partly full of water and is thrown from a distance, it can cause damage or injury to the player. Even if empty, the top could cause severe damage to a player’s eyes. There was much discussion about this on TalkSport this morning with comments from broadcaster Alan Brazil, once a Spurs player and David Seaman, a former Arsenal goalkeeper who no doubt had all manner of things thrown at him during his successful career with the Gunners.

No doubt Sharon and her team will be seeking out the person responsible who will suffer severe consequences once located.

The BBC had this to say.


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