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Premier League Players “Take the Knee” Before Kick-offs

With this weekend’s matched dedicated to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, the players of all 4 teams – Aston Villa, Sheffield United, Manchester City and Arsenal – took the knee for 8 seconds immediately ahead of their matches kicking off last evening. Matchday officials also took part which was unprecedented in professional sport, especially in this country.

This action of solidarity out of respect for George Floyd who was seen to be killed by Police officers in the USA, and Rayshard Brooks who was seen to be shot by an officer in Atlanta also in the USA, who is to be charged with murder.

Players like Raheem Sterling and Tyrone Mings have been at the forefront of getting the messages across and there has been a total buy-in from players of all colours, creeds and religions.

We have seen a lot of instances of racial throughout this season, including some to the players mentioned, so it is refreshing and important to see this global participation by people who can have an impact on society, as our footballers can. Sky Sports, who covered both matches had this to say..


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