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Premier League Statement re Police Costs at Matches

Premier League Statement re police costs at matches


Premier League clubs pay all costs for policing in their stadia, and on private property around their stadia, on match-days. Costs incurred for policing away from the grounds are covered by general police budgets – fans are members of the public and deserve to be treated as such.


We work closely with the police on match-day matters and are happy to discuss with them how to further reduce police costs while co-operating to make our grounds as safe and welcoming as possible.


The Premier League contributes to the cost of policing and other public services, generating £2.4bn for the Treasury in taxes in 2014/15 (the last season for which we have complete figures).


In addition, we also work closely with the Police in tackling youth crime and anti-social behaviour through our extensive community projects.


The debate on football and policing costs should not be conducted in isolation. Far greater costs than those involved in policing football are incurred for covering tourist attractions, entertainment areas, the night-time economy, and other commercial activities. We fully understand the need to support the police but we do not believe that the Premier League should be singled out and asked to pay extra tax that would not apply to any other activity that required policing.





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