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Project Restart – Still Nothing Definite

Although some tabloids and other press are still speculating that football will restart as early as 1 June, a statement issued today by the Government and included in an article written by Sky Sports Reporter Geraint Hughes, suggested –

“It has an ambition, an aspiration to allow professional sporting events behind closed doors from June 1 onwards. Ambition and aspiration are key words here, it is not definite, it is not set in stone. Far from it.”

It now seems that all Premier League clubs agree that they want to finish the season, but the debate around stadium “hubs” seems to be losing momentum, with clubs preferring to play the remainder of the season on a “home-and-away” basis, as scheduled but minus spectators.

So, as the FSOA still seeks clarity as to how this will work. It has been mooted that a panel of Safety Officers is being sought to work out a framework for assessing the risks and getting things ready. It cannot differ too greatly from the risk analysis designed by John Newsham and circulated to all clubs. If Safety Officers follow this as diligently as John created it then they will have generated the framework for their risk assessments and will be much better positioned to write them.

Geraint Hughes article can be found on the link below

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