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Public Health England to Follow the German Risk-Rated System?

Would a risk-rated limited attendance scheme work in English football?

Our safety officer colleagues shared the disappointment of the nation when the Prime Minister appeared to signal football as a no-go for gatherings, possibly until March 2021, especially after all the endeavour the had put in with their clubs to implement the Stage 5 Guidance under SG02. However, in Germany, clubs appear to be allowed to let spectators in depending upon the current Covid-19 situation in their cities.

Over the weekend there were 9 matches in the Bundesliga of which 6 had no spectators at all. Of the other 3, FC Koln was allowed 300, Eintracht Frankfurt had 8000 and VfB Stuttgart hosted 9500. Apparently, major footballing cities such as Munchen were not allowed any at all because of their Covid-19 risk.

The FSOA understands that there could be plans afoot within Public Health England for a similar “traffic light” system to enter the table. There may well be developments this week on this issue.

In a very useful initiative, the EFL has already suggested that safety officers should establish contact their local Director of Public Health who is generally responsible for a geographic area. The FSOA hasn’t had any feedback from the Premier League in this respect but I would expect that similar guidance is in play.

If the FSOA office can help you with this, please get in touch.

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