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Raheem Sterling Allegedly Racially Abused

For the second weekend in a row, we have been reminded that all is not well in the relationship between racism and football. There have been a number of allegations across the written and broadcasting media about the alleged behaviour of a group of Chelsea supporters when Manchester City footballer, Raheem Sterling went to collect the ball from the foot of the LED boards around the pitch perimeter.

Users of social media will have seen that there is practically no doubt that words shouted at Sterling by one man, in particular, could not have been misinterpreted and were vile in their context.

The Football Association, Premier League, Metropolitan Police and our colleagues at Chelsea FC are all involved in an investigation to locate the individual and one or two others around him and bring them to book over the incidents.

Nowadays it is not difficult for Safety Officers to know who has purchased the ticket for a particular seat and therefore it is a simpler process to prevent them from visiting our stadia again. Failing that I’m sure our Gold Partners Dallmeier and Corporate Members Super Recognisers would be able to assist. Indeed Super Recognisers can run a campaign at your stadium to help you prevent this type of behaviour.

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This is an announcement on TalkSport that the FA is to make an investigation.

The Manchester Evening News had this to say.

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The MEN pixellates out the individuals. But on Twitter things look a little different.

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Even Gary Lineker and Henry Winter got a snap of those involved.

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It begs the question as to where the senior officials are over a weekend when these things take place!

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