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SGSA – Medical Incident Reporting Form

Members should by now have received an email from Martyn Henderson which included an excellent example of a Medical Incident Reporting Form being promoted by our colleagues at the SGSA.

While this is another excellent example of the guidance emanating from the SGSA, it is not compulsory. It is however extremely comprehensive and will definitely form an important part of any audit trail we create in and around a medical incident in our stadiums.

I have seen and assisted in the production of matchday documentation and in terms of medical issues, it has often been thought that GDPR sometimes creates a bit of a blockage to us getting as much information as we possibly can.

The FSOA fully supports this document from the SGSA as it continues to promote good practice within our industry. It would be worth us looking at what we have for medical incident reporting and adapt what we have to include everything contained in this important guidance.

If you haven’t seen it….

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