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SGSA – Restart Guidelines Issued

The SGSA has now issued its guidelines for the restart of football and other sports at all professional levels.

As things stand, the Premier’s Project Restart is geared up to 17 June and the Championship, 20 June. As we are aware, League 2 and the National Leagues have been lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic and League 1 still hasn’t arrived at a final decision. Sources suggest that League 1 could go the same way as League 2. The associated costs of staging the matches appear to be the issue, especially with the level of testing required. We will keep you posted as we find out what is likely to happen in League 1. Today, it has been announced that “pre-restart” friendlies can be arranged ahead of the 17 June, with provisions that everyone involved must test negative and matches should be within 90-minutes travel. They can take place at either main stadiums or training grounds.

Meanwhile, as safety officers we need to familiarise ourselves with the SGSA guidelines which need to be read in conjunction with the EFL & FA guidelines. You will see that there are certain provisions that need to be added-in to your risk assessments and once again, I would suggest that you look at the Risk Analysis download on the website and use that as one of the bases for helping you write your risk assessment.

SGSA Guidelines

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