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Showsec Helps London to Celebrate

FSOA official main partner Showsec played a pivitol role in keeping revellers safe during the recent Queens Jubilee celebrations in London.

Showsec were engaged by organisers to manage the crowds at Pall Mall, The Mall, St James’s Park, The South walking route, The North walking route, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Station, St James’s Park Station and Victoria Station on 4 & 5 June.

Showsec managed the routes in and out of the site, to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the estimated 250,000 visitors gathered on The Mall & at St James’s Park to watch the screening of the BBC Concert on a sunny Monday afternoon/evening. Then the teams were back in position on a cold rainy Tuesday morning to manage the crowds’ arrival, through the Ceremonial Procession and the egress from the Mall following the service at Westminster Abbey.

Steve Reynolds, head of Showsec’s stewarding for the operation, said:

“I’m delighted at the positive feedback we’ve received about the manner in which Showsec staff have undertaken their roles as part of this multi-agency high profile security operation. We’ve enjoyed great support from our client, the Metropolitan Police and other stakeholders to help us build our knowledge to properly fulfil our roles.”

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