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Showsec Provide Real Time Fever Detection PLUS Operating Staff Package

Platinum Partners Showsec International have created an “Equipment plus operative” package to assist us with the re-opening of our football grounds.

The FSOA has posted several articles from providers of this type of kit on an “Equipment-only” basis inviting clubs to purchase it outright. Showsec’s angle will enable clubs to effectively hire the equipment-plus-operators which could reduce capital expenditure and avoid the need for outright purchase. We understand that this is the first “packaged” product offered by a major security company.

As the NGBs, the FSOA and not least our clubs await the proposals being put forward by the football industry, and the government’s 6-week review, preparations are taking place “ahead of the curve” in a bid to get our workplaces ready for the restart.

We’ll have a clearer idea after the weekend, I suspect, but we should really be using some of our time examining the options available. As I’ve said before, if they scrap the 2019-2020 season in favour of a “clean start” in August, there is no guarantee that Covid-19 will have disappeared and it will still present us with a risk.

From Showsec’s viewpoint, rather than furloughing staff, they have set about opening up different types of markets for their industry-leading stewarding operations and keeping those who want it in work.

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