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Sin Bins – How Long Before They Affect Us?

Step 7 of the football pyramid, which is lowest level of the National League structure, is to introduce the concept of “temporary dismissals” in the forthcoming 2019-2020 season.

This is better known as “sin bins” and the idea of Arnie Schwarzenegger’s famed comment “I’ll be back” springs to mind, as players showing dissent to the referee are forced to have a sit down for a while.

I always remembers the famous Manchester Storm, an ice-hockey team, who once upon a time played at Manchester Arena and in 1999 were crowned champions, playing the clip on the “cube” when a player was sent to the sin bin. It has been part of the “good old hockey game” for many a year.

Because the level at which it will be applied is for now less senior than any football ground bearing one of our members, it won’t initially have an impact of us. But if it is successful at that level it could well creep into higher levels and ultimately it will become another safety feature at our stadia.

If you wish to read more about the effect of this initiative please follow the link below, provided by our great friends at Lancashire FA and demonstrates further the collaboration, co-operation and the general “togetherness” feel being generated and developed between the FSOA and Lancashire FA. Thanks very much to Harry Lyons, Marketing and Communications Officer at LFA for allowing to use this.

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