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Spurs in Dock Over Dier Issue?

Following their defeat after a penalty shoot-out against Norwich City last night, Tottenham Hotspur could find themselves in trouble as Eric Dier took it upon himself to climb into the stand to confront supporters who were allegedly giving members of his family a hard time. Eric was one of the scorers in the shoot-out, leading the way by stepping-up first, but his side were to lose 3-2.

As Norwich City’s players celebrated in front of the away section, Eric was seen to climb into to seating area, climb up through something like 20 rows of seats, before reaching the section where the confrontations with his family members took place.

Needless to say, the national radio station covering the match was aghast at the player’s actions and it continued into the morning broadcasts, where the self-styled, judges, juries and executioners were in abundance, suggesting everything from fines to a lifetime ban. Furthermore, they went on to discuss why there weren’t more stewards in the area.

These clueless individuals who pontificate over the nation’s airwaves should be invited to be a safety officer for a day, or at least broadcast from a busy event control room and see if they can conjure up stewards from a magician’s top hat.

If you look at the images, you can quite clearly see that our colleagues at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium have protected the field from an invasion by away fans, have sufficient stewards covering the perimeters elsewhere and we all know that this level of pitch protection comes at a cost when we have to strip down the stands at the end of the match. That there were at least 2 stewards and a Supervisor able to attend the incident was almost miraculous at that time and rather than attack Spurs, the broadcasters should be praising them. But it is not cool to praise the efforts of the safety management teams and stewards. I’m sure we all stand together in supporting any of our colleagues who get called-out in this way.

Click on “read more” for the BBC’s take (this is not the national broadcaster referred to earlier, you can probably guess who it is).

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