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“Tentative Steps” – But No Agreement on Restart

The BBC website has put out the story of today’s major meeting concerning “Project Restart”. The Premier League representatives have agreed that it will resume the PL programme “as and when it safe to do so “and has confirmed that matches will be played behind closed doors.

So, despite all the predictions, we are no closer to knowing the fate of our game for the 2019/2020 season other than the fact the clubs want to complete the competition” for the integrity of the Premier League”. All competitions involving under 18-under 23s have been cancelled.

All agencies are getting involved and a separate meeting chaired by Oliver Dowden, Culture Secretary, said that there were thoughts about “stepping up planning” for the return of all sports and that there will be a “long detailed process” taking into account expert medical advice.

The main provisions discussed were based around the resumption of training and most of the conditions I referred to in an article yesterday are set to be put in place together with the following:

Players to arrive in training kit and wear masks at all times.

No showers or meals on site. If players want food they have to get a takeaway delivered to their cars.

Essential medical treatment will be allowed, with all medical staff using PPE.

Meetings and reviews to take place virtually and off site.

I would expect more details to emerge over the next couple of days and the FSOA will keep you posted as and when the information arrives.

In the meantime, stay safe and keep anybody in your working environment safe!!

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