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The REAL Value of Post-Match Reports



The FSOA office has been made aware of dialogue between our members from Accrington Stanley FC (Mark Turner), Doncaster Rovers FC (Sam Ramsden), Burnley FC (Cliff Edens) and Bob Eastwood from the EFL.

This is a perfect example of intel exchange when planning for matches between Accrington Stanley, Bradford City and Doncaster Rovers. It is particularly pleasing to see fellow Safety Officers assisting each other and a further colleague unconnected to the matches in question, Cliff Edens, providing his experience, mentoring and guidance.

Even more pleasing are comments such as, “Thanks for this frank and excellent report on the FOSA site;” and “It shows if the FSOA site is done right it can be used effectively.”

Post-match reporting has long been a valuable feature of the FSOA website and indeed what the Association is about. The reporting system is a useful tool in helping our colleagues plan for future fixture that may have an air of challenge about them. In addition, it has been a long-held tradition within the Association, that well-experienced Safety Officers should offer help to their colleagues in League 1 and League 2 to get them over the line when their matches are likely to be contentious.

The says: Please always remember to post your post-match reports”

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