FSOA Safety Officer Training

The FSOA has a number of corporate and affiliate members and partners who specialise in training and assessment programmes

leading to a qualification at NVQ Level 4 in Spectator Safety Management. It is not the role of the FSOA

to recommend or endorse any particular organisation or programme of work – each particular candidate

must assess the options that these (or other) providers offer in relation to their own needs, resources and requirements.

The FSOA is committed in assisting members and their teams to achieve the highest standards of learning

and development. The FSOA has helped develop every football steward’s training package and helped to

provide the first official safety officer training qualification.


In accordance with the recommendations of the sixth edition of the Guide for Safety of Sports Grounds:

A person will be regarded as occupationally competent for the role of safety officer when he or she has sufficient training, experience

and knowledge, to be able to implement the functions detailed in the job description.

It is recommended that a safety officer should as a minimum have, or be working towards,

a level 4 Spectator Safety Qualification on the relevant qualification framework.

Because of the key role played by a safety officer, it is essential that he or she has a

deputy with sufficient training, experience, and knowledge to serve in the safety

officer’s absence and to share duties on event days.

It is recommended that the deputy should have, or be working towards, a level 4

spectator safety qualification on the relevant qualification framework.

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