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Troy Deeney Hits Nails On Their Heads

I’ve never been a fan of the “redtop” press but today the most prevalent, the Daily Mirror and the Sun feature a conversation on Instagram where Watford’s Troy Deeney airs his personal and professional fears about “Project Restart”.

In many ways, he shares the feelings of the FSOA and in some scenarios the SGSA in respect of how football is preparing to get the game going again. Virtually everything he has had to say replicates one of the risks that the FSOA have been pointing out for two months now, and here we are on the precipice of the restart and senior professional footballers are scared for their safety!

Well done Troy Deeney for stating the case, well done for sharing the views of the FSOA and well done for finally putting the word safety into the conversation.

And I have to say also well done to the newspapers for putting out these stories to flag up the need for safety. The article was also referenced in the Guardian, who has recently also joined in with the safety angle and has supported the need for safety officers to be involved in the planning at the earliest opportunity, something which hasn’t happened.

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