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UEFA Fines Russia For Misbehaviour

UEFA has imposed a fine of 120,000 Euros the Russian Football Association for supporter misbehaviour during their recent Euro 2012 group match against the Czech Republic. UEFA has also imposed a six point suspended penalty which would apply to their qualification matches leading to Euro 2012. A claim of racism by Russian supporters against a Czech player is still under investigation.

The penalties do not relate to issued that occurred in Warsaw before and after the next match against Poland.

A UEFA statement read:

‘The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body has today decided to impose a deduction of six points on the Football Union of Russia (RFS) in the qualifying round of the next UEFA European Football Championship.

‘This decision is suspended for a probationary period running from now until the end of the play-offs of the next UEFA European Football Championship (UEFA Euro 2016).

‘The Football Union of Russia (RFS) has also been fined 120,000 Euros.

‘The RFS was facing charges for the improper conduct of its supporters (crowd disturbances), the setting off and throwing of fireworks and the display of illicit banners at last Friday’s UEFA Euro 2012 Group A match against the Czech Republic in Wroclaw.’

Online footage showed a steward being kicked in the head and another being attacked by several spectators. It was suggested that four members of the stadium’s staff needed hospital treatment.

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