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UEFA Misses The Trick and Treats Themselves….Again

Once again European Football’s governing body UEFA has let down the football industry on the subject of combating racism in our football grounds.

The abuse demonstrated towards England’s footballers in the recent international match in Sofia recently couldn’t have been more evident and hardly needed our great partners SuperRecognisers to identify those concerned.

The case was pretty much cut and dried for banning this nation from the next set of European Nations competitions, but no. UEFA as always took the easy route of instructing them to play their next match behind closed doors (WOW!) and then feathered their own nest with a paltry fine of £73000.

Time and time again these sanctions have proven they don’t work and we will see why when Peter Millward takes the stage at our next conference. UEFA will liberally hand out their “UEFA family” tickets, and around 2000 of them to local people and the Bulgarians will enjoy a support of sorts while the Czech Republic will have representation at all.

I have seen this sanction fail first hand when I went to CSKA Moscow.

It is of course an outrage that then Liverpool player Luiz Suarez, in 2011, was fined as an individual £40000 for abusing Patrice Evra, then with Manchester United. Here we see a nation’s football association actually fined £64600 for what amounts to a criminal offence with add-ons for items thrown.

At least UEFA’s delegates won’t have to fly with KLM and be forced to eat from the “blue box” for a while.


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