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Vacancy at Worthing FC

The Pre-Season safety officer vacancies keep coming and this time we have an excellent opportunity at Worthing FC. Please see the JD following. Interested? Get in touch with the club!


Job Description

Job Title: Level 4 Safety Officer

Worthing FC, Woodside Road, Worthing BN14 7HQ

Salary: Competitive

8-12 hrs per week


Worthing Football Club hosts over 2,500 visits to its venue every week. On match days the club

enjoys an average gate close to 1,300+

The club sits in a strong population catchment of 110,000 with a large business community,

and holds National League South status moving into the 2022/23 season

We are currently looking for a Level 4 Safety Officer to complement the existing Head Steward, stewards and security team, reporting to the General Manager and Chairman.

Job Description

Hours of Work Hours will involve attending all first team match day events including pre-event checks held at the Crucial Environmental Stadium, Worthing BN14 7HQ and all other events where crowd safety is paramount.

In addition, you will be required to work weekends and bank holidays.

Responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone attending a match day event at Worthing Football Club and that the stadium meets the legislation and regulation requirements to enable all events and activities to take place in a safe and controlled environment.

Working closely with Managers to establish suitable systems and controls for safety and security of spectators and all others who visit the stadium.

To supervise the Head Steward and team of stewards, the role will also include overseeing the safety of facilities and Health & Safety.

Responsible for the safety resources within the whole of the stadium and attending all first team games held at the Crucial Environmental stadium and to be directly responsible for the direction of ground staff and stewards engaged in ground safety operations and maintaining an efficient communications system.

This responsibility extends through to the delivery and attendance of stewards, security, police, paramedics and first aiders. Duties will ensure that the standards required by the General Manager and Chairman of the club are delivered.

Coordinating, monitoring and advising upon safety matters affecting the stadium together with being responsible for preparing any relevant risk assessment/corrective action lists

Be responsible for investigating ongoing issues that are reported to assist the management, in the control of the related costs and budgets associated with Match day/Events

To procure a number of trained stewards to ensure the full quota of stewards are in attendance at each match/event in compliance with club safety policy and procedure.

Maintaining full records for all documentation to support Health & Safety issues and keep relevant managers up to date of changes and amendments.

Undertake risk assessments where required and to maintain records of documents. Ensure safety and risk are considered within all projects and to take active leading role in safety & risk management and assist in the Fire Risk Assessment survey of the stadium.

Ensure full compliance of legislations including fire safety, disability discrimination, all safety at sports ground, and civil contingencies legislation

Report and liaise with the maintenance team concerning maintenance work within the stadium, and on matters within the facilities department and make any necessary arrangements for procurement/hire equipment or maintenance as necessary.

Act as Liaison Officer with all emergency services in the event of an unforeseen incident to ensure adequate medical provisions are available.

Attend safety team meetings as required including meetings with the Safety of Sports Grounds Advisory Group, SAG and all other associations as and when requested to do so

Lead by example toward all staff, and take responsibility for the selection, provision of training and development and performance reviews for all safety team stewards employed by the club, ensuring appropriately trained in all aspects of their role, and evaluating their performance and initiating any changes of emphasis that may be required.

Undertake physical inspection of the ground, ensuring that there are no hazards to spectators PRE-EVENT The Safety Officer will liaise all security staff that procedures are in force for identifying the sections of the ground to which spectators may be admitted, that strategic gates are identified and staffed by stewards, before spectators are admitted to the ground

Sufficiently trained stewards, or security, are in position to monitor and prevent overcrowding of spectators in any areas within the ground and that live spectator counting system and CCTV monitors are fully operational and that, in the event of a malfunction, there is a manual counting system that can immediately be introduced.

In partnership with the Head Steward ensure all stewards are fully briefed on their duties and what is expected of them during the event, that sufficient trained stewards are provided and positioned to effect a safe and orderly evacuation of supporters in the event of an emergency.

All staff know the location of the central control point, who is in charge of safety on the day and the line of communication.

That there are no stored combustible or hazardous materials that could present a danger to supporters, that there are no materials that could be used as missiles, that all ingress and egress routes within the ground are clear of obstructions, and that the surface does not present a hazard to spectators, all exits are unobstructed and that all gates open easily

Copies of the Stadium Regulations are displayed within the ground and that all exit and directional signs are in place and in a reasonable condition

Ensure that the following equipment and/or systems are tested and where necessary faults rectified:

Public address system

Loud hailers

Temporary lighting

Fire fighting equipment

Walkie Talkies are charged and free from defect

First Aid Equipment/Defib

The sole duty of that person during the course of the event will be that of safety, and he or she will be easily identifiable, monitor stewarding levels on match days to ensure effective and equitable distribution of staff commensurate with the safety policy

Ensuring that all litter and combustible waste, or other materials, are cleared from the ground, have the ground inspected to ensure it is free from signs of damage that might be of potential danger, and, as appropriate, ensure that any action is taken to rectify any faults found.

Ensure a detailed annual inspection of the ground for signs of damage which may create a potential danger to members of the public. Such an inspection will be visual and include boundary walls, fences, gates, elements of structure, and all safety WORTHING FOOTBALL CLUB.

In association with the Head Steward, police and other emergency services, produce plans to cover various contingencies up to and including the evacuation of the ground, or any individual part of it and test the contingency plans by way of an exercise regularly

Review all contingency plans before the start of each season and immediately following any alteration to the ground or changes in the club’s operating procedures

The Safety Officer will ensure that records are maintained of all safety tests and/or inspections carried out in the ground. In addition, he or she will keep records of the number of spectators attending each match, the weather conditions at each match and all reported injuries to any spectator.

All records must be kept at the club’s premises and be available for inspection by any duly authorised person.

The Safety Officer will keep under constant review the club’s safety policy statement and bring to the attention of the Board of Directors in writing any matters which it is felt would lead to an improvement of spectator safety.

This list is not exhaustive and all employees may be required to undertake any other duties as may be reasonably requested.

This document is a guide only and should not be regarded as exclusive or exhaustive. It is intended as an outline indication of the areas of activity and will be amended in the light of changing needs of the organisation.

Qualifications: NVQ Level 4 (or working towards completing within next 12 months), Event Safety Management. First Aid at Work (certification valid)

Essential Experience: Minimum of 3 year’s experience within stadium environment in a Supervisory or management role, experience in Safety Officer or deputy

Experience of enrolment of new staff Health & Safety Training Certificate. Be prepared for continuous training and attending meetings with outside bodies as and when required, excellent communication and timekeeping

Possess a ‘can-do’ attitude and be a proactive team player


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