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What Is Wrong With These People?

Over the years, and still to an extent this year we have seen and heard rival football fans taunting Liverpool over Heysel & Hillsborough and Manchester United over Munich, even Tottenham Hotspur in the context of their Jewish contingent of supporters, but over the weekend there was evidence to suggest that Newport County fans did likewise to Bradford City fans in terms of the Valley Parade fire in 1985.

Added to that, Bradford Manager, Stuart McCall was abused individually by Newport supporters who apparently produced a Leeds United flag.

The news from the BBC also tells us that Stuart’s father was a severely injured victim of the fire.

This type of thing has once again returned to the headlines but is pretty much impossible for us to manage.

Each one of these disasters is remembered for the people involved, but are things that ordinary fans don’t want thrusting in their faces every time they go to watch their team play.


The BBC news item follows:

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